Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Though nothing like the rain that just wouldn’t quit coming last spring, a series of showers and thunderstorms has slowed up the planting progress in the past month. Luckily, most Illinois corn farmers were able to get their corn in the ground early and have minimal acres of soybeans left to plant.

Here’s a field update from former ICGA President Rob Elliott from Cameron, IL:

May 27 - Finally back in the field after an extended rain delay since May 5th. Had a couple small pop up showers the last few days but missed the more significant rain that some received. The warmer temperatures have helped dry the ground out, but some are planting around some pretty big wet spots that still remain. Many in southeast Iowa and west central Illinois have had 12 -15 inches of rain in the last month.

The last of the corn should be pretty well in and the remaining beans will go in fairly quickly. There will be corn knee high by the 4th of June and some just coming up. We need some warm weather and sunshine to perk things up including a lot of "soggy attitudes.”

And another update from ICGA Vice President Jim Reed from Monticello, IL:

May 30 - Fields have finally dried out enough to finish spraying corn. Some corn is knee high. I hope to replant beans in ponds next week.

Had some marble size hail damage over 300 acres last Monday night that resulted in 2-3% cut offs in corn and major leaf damage.

Still other ICGA leaders like Steve Ruh of Sugar Grove, IL are asking for rain!

May 28 – I will be putting the finishing touches on bean planting as well as side-dressing and cutting hay this weekend. Corn looks great! First crop hay has good feed value and yielded very well.

Will be looking for a rain around 2pm Memorial Day, is that too much to ask?

I don’t know about Steve, but we received that 2 pm rain here at the Illinois Corn home office so here’s hoping he received a bit too.

Are you a farmer or a farm enthusiast? How is your planting season going or what do you see happening around you? Let us know in the comments where you’re from and how the corn looks in your area. Feel free to upload planting photos to our Facebook page as well!

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