Thursday, July 1, 2010


Every once in a while, there are simply too many small little interesting pieces of information scattered all over the web and not nearly enough "news" to make a full blog post.  My solution is simply to provide you with all the information and let you educate yourself!

A pastor writes an editorial in the USA Today asking the age old question "What would Jesus do?" and relating it to animal welfare.  I think this heads in a direction that might surprise many of you.

The Illinois Farm Bureau issues a rebuttal to the above story.  I challenge you to bring these points up as you visit with friends in your church meetings, softball games, and grocery stores.

Check out this video/article on Crain's to hear what the media is reporting about ethanol as relates to the oil spill in the Gulf ... and don't forget to check out the comments to see consumer reactions!

NCGA has released a new video about ethanol as an alternative to our country's oil addiction.  The video is featured here.

And, of course, a landmark decision was announced late yesterday regarding Ohio agriculture's battle against the Humane Society of the US.  I'm disappointed.  Here's Humane Watch's perspective on the deal ... and you might find something else interesting on this blog as well if you do a little extra reading.

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