Monday, August 23, 2010


Having your inbox flooded with positive news articles first thing on a Monday morning is a great thing!  I wish this happened every single week. 

Just in case you need some pepping up on a long, hot Monday in August, here's the quick list.  Check these articles out!

The Illinois Corn Marketing Board has been working on a "food desert" program where our farmers grow sweet corn for area food pantries.  So far, all involved parties seem to love both the positive feedback and the yummy, fresh sweet corn.  This project was also featured on the Produce Journal blog ... everyone loves fresh sweet corn!

This really great Op-Ed in the New York Times says a lot of things that conventional farmers have been saying for years.  Grow food where it makes the most sense to grow food.  All soils, climates, areas of the country have competitive advantages for various crops.  If we want to feed the world, we need to use those competitive advantages to our ... well ... advantage.  Thanks Mr. Budiansky for bringing this important information to light.

And then, in a great move by the National Corn Growers Association, farmers all over the country now have access to draft editorials they can use, edit, and submit to their local papers, explaining to citizens all over our country that farmers are trustworthy and that conventional farming is part of the solution.  Other editorials focus on ethanol production, pesticide use, etc, providing scientific information to readers to dispell the myths that seem to cover the news.  Check out this letter to the editor  (make sure to scroll down to the third letter)and this one

Have you seen any positive agriculture news floating around your hometown? 

Lindsay Mitchell
ICGA/ICMB Project Coordinator

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