Friday, October 15, 2010


What does a farmer look like?  Something like this?

Or maybe more like this?

We're exploring these answers and more in our research about the image farmers have with the general consumer.  You might be surprised to know that consumers think most Illinois farmers are the big, bad, corporate sort ... but to see these photos, they'd agree that they like these farmers and have something in common with them.

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  1. For the benefit of the whole, we've had an anonymous question that Mr. Lenz and his wife are actors instead of farmers. Corn Corps does not publish anonymous comments, but I wanted to assure any readers that they are, indeed, family farmers. In fact, Mr. Lenz is our Illinois Corn Growers Association President.

  2. What a compliment to be accused of being actors! But, alas, Tim and Delreen are "just" regular people.

    I guess that real farmers aren't allowed to clean up to look nice in photos?

    And FYI, Mr. anonymous question poster, Tim had to change his shirt because he ripped the sleeve while reaching under the hood of his tractor that day.

    Boy, some people really just have too much time on their hands to sit around and be nasty via anonymous posting.

  3. I have known these two for probably 10 years...and yep they are farmers and really great people who just want to help represent their fellow farmers.